Photo of 5th and 6th Grade Digital Literacy Project from Julienne Hogarth

5th and 6th Grade Digital Literacy Project from Julienne Hogarth

By Julienne Hogarth


Students learn from each other while strengthening their skills in Digital Literacy. We used this project to introduce how VoiceThread can be used. I gave the learners the images and they researched and posted information and comments about Dale Chihuly’s life and art. The learners were thrilled to use VoiceThread as a tool in their learning as well as becoming very excited about the art work. They are continuing their research of him independently now.


I was familiar with VoiceThread before this project, but had never used it. I think it is a great resource for visual art. I only posted the work and asked the learners to research the work. We worked on this in class and they continued at home. We viewed it in all the 5th and 6th grade classes to then peer teach.


The goal was to introduce learners to VoiceThread, then use it in our school community to teach each other. Integrating technology, use of vocabulary, and understanding use of technology as a tool were the objectives.

Easy Parts

The easiest part of this project was getting students engaged in the project.


Getting them from the play mode to the meaningful mode [when using a digital tool] is difficult.


We used students’ digital cameras as well as their laptops with and the built in video cameras.


Make sure you moderate the discussions. This way teachers can keep the discussion meaningful and focused.